Sodexo – Offices

Prison Services


The Brief

Design, plan and deliver a rolling three year programme of fit-outs to existing ‘live’ secure buildings to either create new or upgrade the existing spaces so that they were fit for purpose.

The client’s programme targeted various locations throughout the UK, which are detailed below;


Northumberland      22 sites

Cumbria                     11 sites

Lancashire                  7 sites

Yorkshire                  14 sites

London                       2 sites

The Solution

The works varied from site to site with some requiring detailed design to an existing brief and other sites having to be approved by the individual stakeholders.

The Cardinal project team worked closely with the client to create a programme of works with timescales that worked for both parties. This programme of sequential phased handovers remained a ‘live’ document throughout the project and was constantly updated as the works progressed.

The individual projects were then planned in, through the use of sub-programmes, so that they could be delivered onsite whilst ensuring disturbances to the building users were kept to a minimum.

Some of the sites were secure and/or sensitive in their nature and as such required additional care and attention to be undertaken throughout the works.