Design and Manufacture EMEA Rollout

Procurement Design Manufacturing

The Brief

In partnership with the Client, our brief was to be integral with the Design & Development of the latest generation of Microsoft display table products.

This was to follow with a European rollout of products across the following 18 months, utilising our Production facilities and procurement team.

The level of quality required was exceptional and form, fit and function was to be of utmost importance.

The Solution

Our Design Director and his team had weekly (as a minimum) Teams meetings with the US. Development took 3 months of intense collaboration, culminating in samples being made for approval.

Cardinal manufactured and procured all elements. The attention to detail was fastidious and quality of finish on all parts was of the highest level.

A quarantined assembly area was created and a specific QC process agreed, providing complete traceability. Photographic evidence of quality and fit was produced for every item, with all items itemised with numbering. Quality produced and maintained was exactly as the Client desired and the project was a huge success.