Shop In Shop Fixture Rollout

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The Brief

The brief from the Client was to manufacture a range of interactive product display tables for rollout across multiple stores.

The principal design of the tables was in place, but this needed version to be an evolution of the previous generation and incorporate a variety of changes and improvements.

This required substantial input from our Design Team to fine tune elements of the units and make ready for production. Quality was of paramount importance and a very high level of finish was required for this premium brand. The units were comprised of multiple materials and required  precision engineering at every step of the process.

The Solution

The Project was taken on by our Design Department and following various client briefings, unit design for production was amended as required. These units were multi faceted with an amalgamation of materials coming together. A high level of precision was required to accommodate perfect fit and finish.

The materials incorporated were a mix of timber. metal, plastics, solid surface and electrical componentry. All elements were manufactured in house with electricals and graphics procured in. Assembly was undertaken on a dedicated assembly line in a quarantined area in the factory. A very strict QC process was adhered to throughout which manifested itself in very minimal issues with products.

The project was a huge success.