Comet Hotel

Hotel Refurbishment

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The Brief

A phased renovation of the existing hotel was to be undertaken, to an extremely high standard, to allow the hotel to reposition itself within the market place.

A luxurious design with high end fabrics and materials was created to upgrade the status of the hotel.

The Solution

Cardinal took the approach to complete as much of the works as possible through offsite manufacturing.

Extensive surveys were completed by Cardinal’s team to ensure every detail was collected in the minutest detail which would allow the bespoke elements of the project to be created by our skilled craftspeople within our controlled factory setting.

These quality checked manufactured items were then transported to site, on a ‘just in time’ basis, so that they could be installed at the correct moment. This pragmatic approach ensured that the site remained clear, that materials were not being double handled and that there was no damage to the high end finishes.