Birkbeck College London

Design, manufacturing & installation of four dining areas

Design Manufacturing

The Brief

The Cardinal team were tasked with the complete design, manufacturing, and installation of four unique dining areas for London’s Birkbeck College. The project involved the installation of feature ceilings, solid surfaces for the counters, the mechanical and electrical installations required for serving food, as well as the fashionable and current furnishings.

The Solution

Cardinal owned full responsibility for the whole process from design to the installation of the final dining areas. To create 4 unique dining spaces, Cardinal installed eye-catching feature ceilings, perfectly paired with matching lighting. The solid surfaces required were very specific to the job in hand, putting our bespoke joinery services to the test. Cardinal provided mechanical and electrical installations to meet the requirements of each dining area. Finally, the dining spaces were tastefully furnished using high-quality furniture, carefully selected by Cardinal.

Birbeck College – The design & installation of four (4) different dining areas that had to be delivered and ready for the students return. Various stakeholders (heads of departments, managers, head of the college, etc.) had to all be managed throughout the design process which reduced the timescales to deliver the works onsite.