Waterstones choose Cardinal to help write new chapter with Kindle

November 15th, 2012

Waterstones, the leading high street bookseller, signed a commercial agreement with Amazon earlier this year to launch new e-reading services and offer Kindle digital devices through its UK shops.  The agreement with Amazon enables Waterstones to extend first class digital reading to its customer’s in-store. This will complement and strengthen the traditional attributes of the bookshops to which the company remains fundamentally committed.  The installation of the Kindle display equipment into 282 stores was carried out by Cardinal in just over six weeks.

James Daunt, Managing Director of Waterstones, said, “At Waterstones, we are committed to improving our bookshops quite radically to offer the best possible book buying experience. It is a truly exciting prospect to harness also the respective strengths of Waterstones and Amazon to provide a dramatically better digital reading experience for our customers.”

“The best digital readers, the Kindle family, will be married to the singular pleasures of browsing a curated bookshop. With the combination of our talents we can offer the exceptional customer proposition to which we both aspire.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com Founder and CEO, said: “Waterstones is the premier high street bookseller and is passionate about books and readers – a dedication that we share deeply. We could never hope for a better partner to bring together digital reading and the physical bookstore.”

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