Neville Road team lead the way

June 20th, 2012

Congratulations are in order for the candidates at our warehouse in Neville Road, Bradford who have successfully achieved EDI Level 2 NVQ in Team Leading.

Well done to, left to right, Chris Brown, Kevin Kavanagh (kneeling), Chris Stringer, Stuart Smith (front), Artur Okwieka, Krzysztof Zieleznik, Chris Boyle and Radoslaw Berus.

To achieve the level each candidate had to produce a portfolio of evidence and make a presentation to a panel of assessors

Encouraged by their success Chris Stringer and Stuart Smith are now working towards the EDI Level 3 NVQ certificate in Management – good luck to them both

The EDI Level 2 NVQ in Team Leading has been developed from the National Occupational Standards produced by the Management Standards Centre, the national standard setting body for this occupational area.  This NVQ is designed for those people who: lead a team within an organisation, are seeking a career in management and wish to develop their team leading skills

To achieve the certificate in Team Leading, everyone had to complete 6 units including the 4 mandatory core units.

Mandatory Core (4 Units)

UNIT 1 (Unit A1 Manage your own resources

UNIT 2 (Unit B5) Provide leadership for your team

UNIT 3 (Unit D1) Develop productive working relationships with colleagues

UNIT 4 (Unit E5) Ensure your own action reduce risks to health and safety

Optional Units

UNIT 5 (Unit C1) Encourage innovation in your team

UNIT 6 (Unit D5) Allocate and check work in your team

UNIT 7 (Unit D7) Provide learning opportunities for colleagues

UNIT 8 (Unit D8) Help team members address problems affecting their performance

UNIT 9 (Unit D12) Participate in meetings

UNIT 10 (Unit F5) Resolve customer service problems

UNIT 11 (Unit F7) Support customer service improvements


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