Cardinal helps in M&S clean up

August 15th, 2012

Not unusual summer weather caused severe flooding last month in Cork  and M&S found themselves under several feet of water.  Tasked with getting the store trading again quickly, Cardinal worked with main contractors McLaughlin & Harvey to refurbish the entire store to M&S’s usual high standard.

Cardinal stripped out and replaced all of the perimeter panelling, fitting rooms, counters and all of the floor equipment.  Nothing remarkable about that except for the fact that the whole project was completed in three weeks

At the reopening last week, Margaret Mullen, Programme Manager for Construction Delivery, said “I had a text from the Retail Head for Ireland who was very pleased to see the store reopened  and acknowledged the fantastic turnaround to open today. So well done to all….. a tremendous effort by all.. thank you”

Cardinal would like to thank the following for their valuable contributions

Cork Building Providers Ltd for excellent prompt service

Chris McGahan (M&S Procurement) for facilitating supply priorities

Norrie McRitchie (Site,Contracts Manager)

John Green (Site Foreman) and his team

George Thomson (Project Manager)






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