Cardinal adds Building Confidence to accreditation status

August 13th, 2012

As Cardinal strives to improve business efficiency and make supply chain improvements we are delighted to have added Building Confidence (Empowered by Achilles) to our long list of accreditations


Working in partnership with Lend Lease, Achilles has developed BuildingConfidence – a supplier pre-qualification and accreditation service for the UK construction industry.

BuildingConfidence provides benefits to buyers and suppliers by using:

  • Web-based technologies to increase operational efficiencies and reduce the costs associated with pre-qualification for clients, major contractors and their suppliers
  • On-site audits with industry leading auditors to help suppliers measure their own performance and share this data with their clients and major contractors.

BuildingConfidence is quickly becoming recognised as the standard for supplier excellence within the industry. Major contractors are using the service to evaluate their supply chains, drive up performance and forge longer lasting relationships with key suppliers.



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